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An app for the Community Government

Using Innovation to collate ward-level information – the Community Government App

In today’s world, data- the collection of micro information about a staffs name, background, position to the office assets which they are entitled too and use at the office- is everything. Organizations rely heavily on.  Managements especially depend on data to help them with many decision-makings. The decisions could be about employment, new projects and staff performances.

The department of Community Government is embarking on collating data from wards through the innovative use of technology to compile a Community Government Information Management system (CGIMS).

In late 2018 the department started working on a database of prolific information on each of the 888 wards of the 47 Community Governments (CGs) within the region. Socioeconomic; infrastructural & administrative information like; the number of households in each wards; ward population census; wards GPS positioning & boundaries; ward main economic activities being collated through the use of a mobile application.

Mobile Application (better known as Apps) are software programmes designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access. These mobile applications frequently serve to provide users with similar services to those accessed on computers or PCs.

According to John Kemaroy, the app developer, the app will not only display real-time information about the wards & CGs but also will be used to update the information database. “Generally, it will serve as resource information to anyone who installs the app on their phones/tablets or access it via a browser.

‘Currently, we have a sample ward data from 312 wards that we are utilizing to test the app’s functionalities, especially in displaying ward information, he said.

With the App, you can view basic information about each CG, look up the wards in the CG or even contact the CG chairperson or ward member and many more information, he added.

Mr Kemaroy said that this department project has taken a very long time to complete due to the lack of planning and resource in getting it off the ground. However, there is much enthusiasm from the staff to establish the Community Government Information Management System.

“With an established information system the department and the public, can have access to ward/community government-level information that will aid in planning for developmental purposes.”

“If we do get to complete this phase (CGIMS) the next phase will be to host the data using blockchain technology. But it is paramount that we raise ICT literacy in the department prior to ambitiously ‘jumping-the-curve’” Mr. Kemaroy added.

Currently, it is available to android users but Iphone users can contact the department of Community Government. 

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