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Bougainville Public Service reorganizes for change

Bougainville public servants assembled this morning with the recently appointed acting Chief Secretary Col. Thomas Raivet (Rtd) as part of an initiative to promote unity and teamwork within the Bougainville Public Service.

The acting Chief Secretary told public servants that it is a time for change and encouraged all public servants to stay clear of politics and remain steadfast in their work of delivering services to the people.

“Today I want us to consolidate, come back together as a public service machinery. As of today it is a time for change where I think we [public servants] should drive the movement towards the referendum,” he said.

 “Everybody here is a part of a new team where we will be exercising a lot of discipline. There will be no compromise between what is right and what is wrong.”

Mr. Raivet also urged the public servants to be peace enforcers for Bougainville in the lead up to the referendum.

 “Let’s be humble, let’s be the peace enforcers for Bougainville so that when the referendum bears the fruit that we are looking for, you will celebrate.” 

The Bougainville Public Service can look forward to some critical changes required for higher and effective performance in delivering services and responding effectively to government goals and directives.

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