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Bougainville SOE Update

The Bougainville Emergency Controller and Chief of Bougainville Police Service has issued the following Supplementary Orders #9: Restriction of air travel into Bougainville. 

1. All air services into designated airports of Buka and Kieta restricts incoming passengers, effective as of 31 July 2020, for a period of 14-days of the extended State of Emergency;

1.1. Air services not limited to:

  • Freighters
  • Charter
  • Medevac
  • Outbound passengers (one way only)

1.2. Freighter, charter and medevac  shall only operate upon prior written approval from the Bougainville SOE Controller;
1.3. It is mandatory for outbound travellers to obtain prior approval from the Bougainville SOE Controller
1.4. Airline operators shall operate a weekly (1) freighter service only
1.5. Comply with COVID-19 SOP as issued and implemented by the National Airports Corporation
1.6. Failure to comply with this Emergency Order is a breach of the Emergency Orders

This order supersedes all previous Orders and shall continue where is inconsistent or if it is in conflict with other orders, this order shall prevail and where this Order is silent on a particular matter, the prevailing order applies.


Francis N Tokura, OBE, QPM, DPS
Deputy Commissioner of Police
Bougainville Emergency Controller


Supplementary Order #9 can be downloaded here

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