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Bougainville SOE Update: Supplementary orders issued for restriction of movement in AROB

The Bougainville Emergency Controller and Chief of Bougainville Police Service has issued the following Supplementary Orders #10 on Restriction of movement of persons with the Autonomous Region of Bougainville:

1. Supplementary Order#10 amends the following orders previously issued:

1.1. Order 2 of Emergency Order #4 on PMV operators and private vehicle owners is amended with the following additional requirements included:

e. That all PMV operators to ensure their drivers and crew maintain a daily record of all their passengers. This is to enable the smooth implementation of contact tracing

f. That all PMV operators to ensure adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are obtained and supplied to their drivers and crews

g. That all PMV Operators to ensure face mask and hand gloves are used at all times when operating and conveying passengers

h. That all PMV drivers and crews to ensure strict hygiene measures are maintained with no smoking and chewing of betel-nut while conveying passengers in compliance with this order and in accordance with the Motor Traffic Regulations (1967) s 68 (1) (a) (2) (a) (b) (c).

1.2. Order #29 of Emergency Order #2 on Restrictions of inter-constituency movements is amended with the following:

a. That all inter-constituency and inter-district movements by citizens is restricted for 4 days from the date of issue if this order to the 12th of August 2020 except for essential travels. This is to ensure necessary Contact Tracing process in Bougainville is fast tracked.

2. Supplementary Order #10 maintains the following previously issued orders:

2.1. Order #9 of Emergency Order #2 and Order #12 of Emergency Order #3 on new ‘Normal and Safe Work Practice’ is further maintained:

(a) That all Private Businesses, development partners and essential public services shall continue to carry out their duties in compliance with the “new normal” and safe work practices of; Hand washing, use of face mask, use of protective gloves and hand sanitizers

2.2. Order #13 of Emergency Order #2 on Adoption and Implementation of safe work, practices by service providers is also maintained:

(a) That all essential service providers shall continue to operate and implement the “new normal” and safe work practices in their work places

2.3. Order #17 of Emergency Order #4 on Restriction of people across the Bougainville/Solomon Island Border is also maintained.


This order supersedes all previous Orders and shall continue where it is inconsistent or is in conflict with other Orders, this Order shall prevail and continue to be effective as of this date the 09 of August 2020.


Francis N Tokura, OBE, QPM, DPS
Deputy Commissioner of Police
Bougainville Emergency Controller

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