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Bougainville to receive emergency medical supplies today

An Air Niugini chartered flight carrying emergency medical supplies for COVID-19 teams in Bougainville is scheduled to arrive today in Buka. 

Deputy Police Commissioner and Bougainville Emergency Controller Francis Tokura revealed this at the daily press briefing this morning. 

This is the same flight that was supposed to come to Buka yesterday (Sunday 29 March) however was cancelled because there were civilian passengers on board the flight. 

“The Air Niugini flight chartered to bring in emergency supplies was cancelled due to a number of reasons and the first one is that there were passengers listed in the manifest to be transported on the flight,” he said. 
He explained that according to the SOE instructions issued by the National Government as well as the BEC, no passengers were allowed to travel on domestic flights except for flight crews and health and military personnel delivering emergency medical supplies. 
“No passengers are allowed to travel except for cargo and emergency teams assisting with COVID-19 and we all have to comply, whether we are politicians, leaders, we all must follow the rules and comply,” Mr Tokura stressed.

Meanwhile, a report of a cargo ship sighted in the waters of Kangu on Saturday night was checked by border surveillance team and identified as a ship owned by Agmark Shipping. The vessel was identified to have no proper clearance documents and directed to return to where it came from.

Border surveillance teams made up of police and other leading agencies have continued to monitor the Buin/Solomon Island border which includes monitoring vessels coming into Bougainville seaports and airports as well and have so far reported little or no movement of people along the border.

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