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Bougainville Women’s Federation Bill passed in parliament

The Bougainville Women’s Federation Bill has been passed as an act of parliament this week.

The BWF Bill was first tabled in parliament in 2019 by the former Minister for Community Development, Josephine Getsi.

The Bill was formulated following wide consultations with various stakeholders at all levels, particularly the women of Bougainville.

It aims to establish the Bougainville Women’s Federation as the peak non-governmental organization representing the interests of women and women’s organizations in Bougainville.

This week, the BWF bill was presented again in parliament by ABG Minister for Community Development and Member for Central Bougainville Women, Marcelline Kokiai, and passed through the second and third reading.

Minister Kokiai said the passing of this bill will ensure women’s representation and participation in politics and decision making, both in government and the private sector, among others.

It further aims to promote women’s economic empowerment and development through projects that aim to reduce poverty in families in Bougainville, while also protecting the Bougainville environment and culture and the proper management of natural resources as the mothers of the land.

The BWF legislation will also enable the women of Bougainville to source funding and management support for women’s programs and also provide literacy and life enhancing skills and opportunities for both women and other marginalized groups in Bougainville.

“Women of Bougainville are champions and we will continue this path into the future”, Minister Kokiai said.

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