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Controller issues new emergency orders

The State of Emergency Controller for Bougainville and Chief of Bougainville Police Service, Francis Tokura, has issued new emergency orders effective as of today, for the commencement of schools, travel and the resumption of duties for the Bougainville Public Service.

According to the new orders, all schools in Bougainville except for tertiary institutions shall resume classes on Monday 11 May 2020.

The orders also state that all schools are required to install handwasing stations with soap and water in strategic areas of the school with clear information to students on how to wash hands properly. If possible, hand sanitizers are to be placed in each classroom and at the entrance and exits of the schools and near lunchrooms and toilets.

All schools are further required to clean and disinfect school buildings at least once a day and to ensure that all rubbish is removed and disposed of safely on a daily basis. Physical distancing practices must be adhered to at all times by students and teachers.

The Bougainville Department of Education has been directed to ensure that all schools are in compliance with these new orders and health guidelines and requirements. A copy of the ABG Department of Education Checklist for Protocols in Schools will be made available to all schools by the Department.

The Bougainville Public Service has also been issued a new order for the recommencement of normal public service duties starting tomorrow Wednesday 06 May 2020.

All government offices must ensure a ‘new normal’ safe workplace arrangements which are consistent with the Health, Safety and Hygiene procedures for the work environment. All departments will also be required to monitor staff during work hours to enable tracing in the event that an employee shows symptoms of COVID-19 and are tested positive.

The ‘new normal’ procedures from the National Department of Personnel Management shall be adopted and applied for government offices in Bougainville.

With travel in and out of Bougainville, all flights are still restricted to only medical equipment only and other essential materials as approved by the Controller.

Commercial flights will only be allowed after the required quarantine, isolation and triage facilities are in Bougainville are fully completed. Once these facilities are completed, all passengers coming into Bougainville must be quarantined at the designated facilities. 

The new Emergency Orders can be downloaded here

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