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Peace builders’ learn tips on participatory videos

More than 30 peace builders have received training on producing participatory videos at a three-day workshop that ended today at Hahela, Buka.

Organized by Department of Peace and Implementations (DPAI) and funded by Peace and Conflict Studies Institute Australia (PaCSIA), the workshops was to up-skill the level of dialogue method and equip the facilitators with video tools when carrying out peace building related dialogue at their constituencies.

The facilitators represent 33 constituencies from the North, Central and South. For many, the training was an eye opening experience for them and had learnt how to use the camera and the basics of video production.

Beverly Tamis, a Coordinator of the Ioro Constituency, Panguna District was one of the facilitators who participated.

The training gives her knowledge on where to improve. She said: “Yumi bai lukim na lainim long wanem hap yumi no wokim gut na wanem hap bai yumi ken improve long em.” (We will see our mistakes and learn from them).

“With the cameras, we can now capture the real issues experienced at the community,” she said.

We will also use video dialogue to communicate with our people in our community who can also participate and make short video films, which are helpful in the peace building process of Bougainville, she added.

Bonaventure Kenulei from Bolave, Bana District encouraged everyone to utilize his or her creativity to the fullest and make sure that the objective of the video is understood before producing the film.

The training started on Wednesday 13 February and completed today with the facilitators equipped with skills to produce participatory videos.

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