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President Momis gives final address to parliament

President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Grand Chief Dr John Momis, today delivered his final address in parliament.

In his statement, President Momis spoke passionately about his political career which spans over 40 years where he served in various leadership roles in the international, national and Bougainville scenes.

He spoke of how he started his political career in the early seventies, where he was anointed by Kieta Chiefs in a cultural ritual and was sent on a mission to free and give people the power to determine their own future. That marked the beginning of President Momis’ political career.

President Momis said that Bougainville has come a very long way in its journey, and the peace process has been successful so far.

He attributed this to the unity, creativity and productivity of the people.

“We are very lucky, although we face a lot of challenges, but we have also been very creative, productive and despite the differences we have worked together to achieve so much,” he said.  

The President also noted the upcoming consultations on the result of the Bougainville referendum, where the new ABG government will have to work together with the national government during the consultation period.

He acknowledged the PNG Prime Minister James Marape, as being a responsible Prime Minister who recognizes the significance of the Bougainville issue as a national issue and not just a Bougainville issue.

He encouraged both governments to continue to work together, especially when the current relationship between both governments are at its best.

He concluded by sharing words of gratitude to the Speaker of the Bougainville House of Representatives, cabinet ministers and members, public servants, churches, and the people of Bougainville.

In his final words to all current members he said, “We must always be grateful that we’ve been given this rare privilege to serve the people of Bougainville, and not only to serve them but to actually work with them and lead them to create something new.”   

He thanked the people for giving him the opportunity to lead Bougainville over his political career.

“My public life has always been in Bougainville, in the service of the people.”

“I will bow out with a sense of fulfillment and a sense of gratitude that the Almighty has seen fit to ask me and you, mere humans, to share in his creative power to create something new.”  

President Momis also passed his best wishes to the members of the current House in the upcoming elections.

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