AROB Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville established its Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV) on 16 March 2020. The overall objective of this plan is to minimize the impact of the disease in order to protect and maintain AROB’s social function and economy. The plan adheres to the 10-point National Action Plan (and all other laws and measures). In summary, the plan aims to:

  1. Establish mechanisms to detect and respond to suspect or confirmed cases in a timely manner – and thus prevent entry of COVID-19 and/or limit its transmission
  2. Empower and build ownership of partners and local communities to take responsibility for and actively participate in protecting themselves and local Bougainvillean communities
  3. To strengthen the core capacities for response and surveillance.

For more information, call the Bougainville COVID-19 Hotline 74460830.

SOE Emergency Orders

Joint Agency Taskforce

The Joint Agency Taskforce was established to support the Bougainville COVID-19 response efforts, with a key focus on ten areas:

  1. Health Sector
  2. Security Sector
  3. Disaster and Emergency Sector
  4. Economic Sector
  5. Social Sector
  6. Public Utilities Sector
  7. Churches
  8. ABG Elections Support Team
  9. Development Partners
  10. Post-Referendum Planning Team
  11. Women Support Team

The Joint Agency Taskforce is supported by a Secretariat that operates out of the COVID-19 Operations Command Centre, Hutjena.

For more information, you can contact the Secretariat on email at

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Awareness Material

Travel Advice

Severity Series Tok Pisin (WHO)

Risk Education

Risk Communication for Health Workers

Know the Facts of Covid-19

Toll free

Bougainville COVID-19 Hotline number 74460830.   

This is a free call service and we encourage the Bougainville public to use this free information service to ask questions, get more COVID-19 information and also report if you or your loved one is not feeling well.

COVID-19 News Stories