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South Bougainville BHOR Members induction on Independence Mission

Following the launch of the Bougainville Independence Mission in South Bougainville last Thursday, ABG Members from the region will be inducted on implementing this mission today.

The induction for the 13 ABG Members for South Bougainville will be held in Buin Town today.

ABG Speaker of Parliament Simon Pentanu, and Members of the Bougainville Independence Mission Advisory Team, James Tanis and Wesley Kenneth will be present at the induction.

The aim of the induction is to help the participants to understand:

·         The parliament motion on the Bougainville Independence Mission

·         The definition of independence

·         The President’s six point strategy

·         The ABG benchmarks and how they can translate the benchmarks into their respective wards and constituencies ·         What their roles are at the ward and constituency levels in implementing the Mission

It is anticipated that after this induction, the ABG Members from South Bougainville will then form their Constituency Committees and induct them to carry out the awareness to prepare the constituencies and wards to be ready for independence.

The Constituency Committees will comprise of the Community Government chairpersons, ward members and representatives of women, youth, veterans and churches.

The induction is being led by the ABG Department of Bougainville Independence Mission Implementation with assistance from the Department of President and BEC, Department of Community Government and ABG Parliamentary Services. 

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