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JTT agrees on recommendations for joint government meet

A total of 16 recommendations have been endorsed at the Joint Technical Team meeting between Bougainville and Papua New Guinea officials yesterday.

These recommendations will be presented to the two government leaders for joint deliberation and approval at the forthcoming Joint Supervisory Body meeting.

On post-referendum matters, the recommendations include progressing the establishment of the Permanent Secretariat to support the Joint Government Consultations process.

Further, the joint government agreement for Bertie Ahern to be appointed as the International Moderator for the Consultations will also be recommended for JSB endorsement.

On matters of ratification, the JTT acknowledged the definitions provided by the State Solicitor and further noted the ABG's approach to define ratification based on the original intentions in the Bougainville and PNG context.

The ABG also tabled a Joint Communique, intended to create mutual understanding and agreement on implementation of the referendum results. The JTT resolved to have this Communique reviewed with feedback from the National Government before the JSB.

Other recommendations covered the Bougainville Economic and Investment Summit, BCL shares, Fisheries, Taxation, National Government SME funding and clarity on the PM's commitment to establish Foreign Missions in Bougainville.

All these recommendations will now be tabled to the Joint Supervisory Body meeting which is co-chaired by the PNG Prime Minister and the ABG President. 

The JSB Meeting which was planned to happen today has now been postponed for two weeks.


The full recommendations can be read here

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