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Notice for travelers to Bougainville


Pursuant to Directive issued by Hon. Raymond Masono, MHR, Minister of Health, dated 19 January 19, 2021, on “Revocation of Issuing of Electronic Confirmation Travel (ECT) and additional Point of Entry Health Measures”, as Head of Bougainville Public Service, I hereby adopt the Directives for whole of government implementation by all twelve (12)  Departments, Office of Bougainville Electoral Commissioner (OBEC), Bougainville Taxation Office (BTO), GoPNG Statutory Agencies, Shipping and Airline Operators, Business Houses, Development Partners and General Public.


The revocation of the specific Directive 1.6.2 on issuing of “Electronic Confirmation Travel Letters” by the Chief Quarantine Officer is hereby waived, and replaced by the following Directives:

Bougainville Covid-19 Public Health Measures No. 01/2021

1, All intending travellers into Bougainville must present the following travel documents at the airports or sea ports:

1.1 A Covid-19 Medical Clearance Certificate issued by recognised public and private Medical Officer,

1.2 Health Declaration Forms as issued by Airline of Choice for routine quarantine checks in Buka or Aropa Port.

2. Intending travellers into Bougainville are not required to obtain a TRAVEL APPROVAL or CONFIRMATION LETTER to purchase an airline ticket.

3, It is mandatory that intending travellers by sea or air and crew members of both shipping and airline operators obtain a Covid-19 Medical Clearance within 48- 72 hours before travel through a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or GeneXpert Testing facility. Only travellers with a negative Covid-19 test result will be allowed entry into Bougainville.

4. If a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or GeneXpert Testing facility is not available, the intending traveller and crew members of both shipping and airline operators obtain a Covid-19 physical examination medical clearance certificate from a medical officer to confirm that they do not exhibit any Influenza Like Illness (ILIs) or Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI).

5. All small craft boat operators travelling by sea between neighbouring New Guinea Islands provinces must obtain a Covid-19 medical clearance certificate from point of departure before entry into Bougainville.

6. Designated check points will be set up in partnership with Department of Community Government and the Bougainville Police Service in partnership with other relevant agencies to conduct Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures on the movement by travellers by small craft boats/dingies across the Maritime Provinces.


Lack of compliance by small craft boat/dingy operators will result in them being issued quarantine breach notices, and in extreme circumstances referral to the Bougainville Police Service for violation of peace and good order laws.

All other Directives as issued by my Office on 29 December, 2020 remains active for enforcement, except for the issuing of an Electronic Confirmation Letters by the Chief Quarantine Officer is hereby revoked and replaced with presentation of a Covid-19 Medical Clearance Certificate during Check in and routine quarantine checks at both sea ports and airports in Bougainville.  A Health Declaration Form will be issued by the Airline of Choice for before boarding for routine quarantine checks in Buka or Aropa Port.




Your continued cooperation and support is encouraged.



Acting Chief Secretary


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